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Jason Bernstein Guitar Lessons

Jason - Guitar, Piano & Bass Teacher

Montrose Music Studio connects you with professional and afforable music lessons in a variety of intruments. We offer private piano lessons, private guitar lessons, private saxophone, flute and clarinet, as well as private bass lessons in Toronto and Montreal. In addition we have a unique group guitar class for adult beginners. This is a 6 week group guitar class that is a great start for an adult wanting to take up the instrument.
Our teachers are experienced, kind, patient and professional with the primary focus being your success!

Lessons will include training in your instrument, ear training, theory, ensemble playing, critical listening, form, body awareness (injury prevention) and setting up an effective practice routine. Give one of us a call or write us an email and let me discuss our unique approach to teaching with you.
For Piano lessons or guitar lessons in Toronto:

Montrose Music Studio connects you with lessons in Dufferin Village Toronto, Montreal right next to the Atwater Subway,
We offer:

  • Private music lessons in Piano, Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet
  • Group Guitar Lessons for adult beginners
  • Jazz, Classical, Pop, Rock, and other styles
  • Ear training, Ensemble Experience, Technique, Theory, Training for Proper Practice Habits, Critical listening
  • Festivals, Recitals, Performance Opportunities, RCM Exam Preparation
  • Music school entrance preparation
  • Tutoring for High school band or jazz band

Montrose Music Studio

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